We are pleased to introduce a new animated series, promoting healthy eating at schools.

The “Chrumasa Team” series is the main element of the “Fruits and Vegetables at School” campaign. It shows in a fun way the presence of the program in school life and encourages children and their parents to eat well. The series consists of five minutes long episodes that talk about the role of parents in the program, the origin of fruits and vegetables, the presence of the school program, and the impact of early education on future child nutrition choices.

Our team on this project:

Mariusz Dąbrowski – lead graphic designer

Adrianna Kaczmarek – animation

Dominik Kosik – animation

Krzysztof Masztakowski – animation

Daniel Markowicz – supervisor

Jakub Macierewicz – coordination

Realized for Propeller Film and Agricultural Market Agency. Next episodes are coming soon:

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